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Whon-Il Park, Ph.D. Kyung Hee University; LL.M. Southern Methodist University School of Law, Texas; Diploma, International Course in European Integration, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; B.A. College of Law, Seoul National University, is a professor of law at the College of Law, Kyung Hee University.
Until June 2000, he had served as Chief Legal Officer of the Korea Development Bank. During 1988-1991, he worked at the KDB New York Office.
He is interested in the legal aspects of international business transactions. While providing lectures on such issues, he would like to share his knowledge and expertise thereof with his readers.
He has authored several books, including the "International Business Law"(1995), a "Collateral Law in North Korea"(2004), and co-authored the "Financial Innovation of ABS: Its Structuring and Practices"(1999) and "Corporate Insolvency Laws of Korea"(1999).


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