Wedding Ceremony of Jennifer & Andrew
지영이와 앤드류의 결혼식

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The wedding ceremony of Jennifer and Andrew took place at Palo Alto on Saturday, July 21, 2007.
The American wedding started the previous day when the bride and the groom, and their families got together to have a rehearsal at the venue of the ceremony.
In the evening, a rehearsal dinner was held at the Hide House, a favorite place of young men working in the Silicon Valley.

결혼식 리허설 장소인 예배당 팔로 알토의 제일연합감리교회 리허설 만찬이 열린 하이드 하우스
회의장으로도 쓰이는 리허설 만찬장 리허설 만찬장 리허설 만찬장

The father of the bride welcomed and greeted the participants of the rehearsal dinner.
"I hereby declare the Way Family of Taiwan and the Park Family of South Korea have become one Family on the occasion of the wedding."
At the rehearsal dinner, the whole participants of the families of the bride and the groom were introduced one by one. The father of the groom is Mr. Edward Way, the CEO of Deloitte & Touche Taiwan. Grandfather in the maternal line, a respected scholar at the age of 79, flied from Taipei for the ceremony.
This marriage is in fact a multi-ethnic one but not so conspicuous because the groom's maternal uncle and paternal aunt had taken international marriages a long time ago.

리허설 만찬장 리허설 만찬장 리허설 만찬장
신부 아버지의 인사말씀 인사말씀을 경청하는 하객들 신부 삼촌의 대표기도

However, the rehearsal dinner was specially meaningful as the bride and the groom have different backgrounds and family cultures.
And the participants needed to get to know each other on this occasion. So I took the podium to lead the prayer for the blessing of the new couple. I repeated the prayer of Apostle Paul in the Ephesians Chapter 3.
"We pray that today's new couple, being rooted and established in love, may have power to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge - that they may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."
The main entrees were swordfish and filet mignon. The steak was wonderful with a sip of the root beer which was brewed in house.

오랜만에 만난 친척들의 대화 양가 아버지들 교회 목사님과 교우들
신부의 아버지와 오빠 끊임없는 화제 작별 인사
작별 인사 국제결혼을 한 앤드류 고모 국제결혼을 한 앤드류 외삼촌

The next day the wedding ceremony was held at the First United Methodist Church at Palo Alto on the halfway from Freeway 101 to Stanford University.
Around three o'clock, taking photographies of the bride, the groom, the best man, bridesmaid and other family members began. The venue of the ceremony was decorated with balloons.
The Best Man was performed by the brother of the groom while the Matron of Honor was taken by a close friend of the bride who is married (if unmarried, she is called the maid of honor).

결혼식장 결혼식장 입구 결혼식장 입구
리셉션 데스크 리셉션 데스크 리셉션 데스크
신부 가족사진 신랑 가족사진 신랑 조카 화동
신랑신부, 들러리 사진 신랑신부, 들러리 사진 신랑신부, 들러리 사진
신부 가족 신랑 가족 신랑 가족
신랑신부 부친 신랑신부 모친 신랑 가족
신부 가족 신부 가족 신부 가족
신부 일행 신부와 들러리들 신랑과 영철

When the pipe organ played the Bell Symphony of Pourcell, the ceremony started formally.
At first, the grandparents of the bride and the groom entered. Then the mothers were escorted by the brother of the bride toward the altar to light up the candles.

양가 어른들의 입장 양가 어른들의 입장 양가 어른들의 입장
양가 어른들의 입장 화촉 점등 화촉 점등
신부들러리의 입장 신부들러리의 입장 신부들러리의 입장
신랑들러리의 입장 신부의 입장 신부의 입장

The bride and his company entered through the side door and waited for the entrance of the bride. All the congregation rose up when the bride stepped into the hall with her father at the music of the pipe organ.
And Pastor Steve Lo presided over the ceremony and told the bride and the groom to trust each other and to lead a faithful marriage. Pastor Lo explained to the congregation who the bride and the groom are by introducing various episodes.
Finally he proclaimed they have become a husband and a wife by the words of God and the relevant Californian law.

결혼식 목사님의 주례사 결혼식
결혼축송 결혼축송 성혼선포
성혼선포 반지교환 성혼선포
반지교환 결혼식 결혼식
결혼식 결혼식 신부의 시부모 인사
식후 식후 식후
식후 식후 식후

The wedding reception took place at the Ming's Chinese restaurant in San Jose.
Around two hundred guests were invited to the wedding banquet. The carte on the table showed ten Chinese dishes would be provided by the groom's parents.

결혼식 피로연이 열린 밍즈 레스토랑 신부측 헤드테이블 피로연
피로연 피로연 사회자 피로연
피로연 피로연 피로연

Mr. Edward Way gave a welcome speech, and the brother of the bride made a suggestion of cheers for the new couple.
Some close friends of the bride and the groom introduced interesting episodes regarding the new couple to the guests. Funny stories and common interests of the new couple gave rise to a lot of laughter.
Slide shows of photos of a girl and a boy, who became the lady and the man of the day, described the short life stories of the couple. In the mean time, their friends demanded something special(?) from the just married couple by jingling cups, but obtained no response from the couple.
When the dinner came near to the end, the groom danced with his mother, and then the bride with her father. The parents danced each other and other guests followed them to the floor. Notwithstanding the air conditioning, the heat of the banquet hall was mounting up. Sooner or later the old generation gave way to the young guests for the festive night.
In the Korean version

피로연 신랑 아버지의 인사말씀 피로연
신부 오빠의 건배제의 하객들에게 인사하는 신랑신부 하객들에게 인사하는 신랑신부
신부 아버지 중국 의상으로 갈아 입은 신부 피로연
신랑신부에 대한 퀴즈 신랑신부의 춤 신랑신부의 춤
신부의 아버지와의 춤 양가 부모들의 댄스 피로연 댄스