The Commencement of Kyungho and Jeeyoung
경호와 지영이의 대학원 졸업식

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Our Parents used to tell us to study further as far as we can.
While Parents had hard times financially, the expenses for education were the first and foremost item of all living expenses. So when Father could not afford to pay the expenses, the elder was responsible for the education of younger ones. As a result, all the children could finish their education.
The immigrant brother and sister have brought up well their children to fulfil the "American Dream". Jae Kyun graduated from University of San Diego School of Law, and practices law at one of the largest law firms, McKenna, Long & Aldridge. Paul Kyungho has become an MBA of USC, and Jennifer Jeeyoung is awarded a Ph.D. degree in 2007.
Considering that higher learning makes a short cut to the main stream of the United States, we are proud of our nephew and niece who have made conspicuous academic achievements.

Commencement of Paul Kyungho Kim

졸업식이 열린 실내체육관 USC의 상징인 젊은 전사 USC 마샬 경영대학원 졸업식장

On May 11, 2007, Kyungho received an MBA degree from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.
As the Dean of USC Business School, in a robe like a medieval priest, said in his welcome address, Kyungho and other graduates have obtained powerful instruments to win a race in a highly competitive society of America.

졸업식장에 입장하는 교수와 학생들 연이어 졸업식장에 입장하는 4백여 학생들 졸업식 축사를 하는 경영대학원장

Sister and her husband were working hard enough to see their beloved son survive the higher education program at the top notch business school in the West Coast and join a prestigious financial company in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, Kyungho was working as an intern of the Financial Management Advisors, LLC. which acknowledged his competence and decided to admit him to the company.
Kyungho has been living an industrious life as an 1.5 generation youngster of the emigrants to the United States.
He graduated from University California at Berkeley, acquired a CPA license, and made his living as an English instructor for one year in Seoul, Korea. At that time, he became to know the value of labor.

지극 정성으로 경호 뒷바라지를 하신 매형과 누님 경호가 식장에 들어올 때 벌떡 일어나 환호하시는 누님과 샤론 졸업생들에게 축사를 하는 USC 출신 기업가
학위를 받으러 단상에 오르는 경호. 멀리서 찍은 전광판 사진이어서 잘 보이진 않지만 틀림없는 경호임 식장 밖에서 경호를 기다리는 가족들부터 우선 한 컷 아빠보다 훌쩍 커버린 경호
가족사진 경호와 외삼촌들 만찬이 열린 음식점으로 직접 차를 몰고 찾아온 영철이

Commencement of Jennifer Jeeyoung Park

On June 10, 2007, Jeeyoung was awarded a degree of doctor of philosophy by the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (PGSP) in a commencement ceremony held at the Alumni Center of Stanford University.
The president of PGSP stressed in his congratulatory address that PGSP has been included in "Top Three" specialized univeristies in the United States even though PGSP was established just 32 years ago. PGSP has successfully managed the PGSP-Stanford Psychology Dorctor Consortium for several years.
Jeeyoung was also successful to receive a Ph.D. degree in a short five-year period by studying the "Patten of Performance on the Benton Visual Retention Test in Schizophrenic Patients Diagnosed with Research Diagnostic Criteria" among the doctoral degree candidates.

아침에 숙소에서 출발 졸업식장인 스탠포드대 동창회관 졸업식장에 모인 가족과 하객들
졸업식 가운을 입은 지영이 졸업식장 입장 졸업식장에 모인 가족과 하객들
박사학위 증서를 수여받는 지영이 박사학위 증서를 수여받는 지영이 졸업식장 퇴장
약혼자 앤드류로부터 꽃다발을 받는 지영이 지영이와 앤드류 지영이와 재균이 내외

It was an extraordinary event for PGSP to invite each Ph.D. graduate to the podium to speak for one minute after the reception on the lawn garden.
Most of the speakers were thankful to their professors and family members. As more than 60 percent of the graduates were female, they were full of emotions and almost weeping in the midst of speech. They acknowledged the support and cooperation of their parents, and borthers and sisters, in particular, their spouses and little children in case they are married. Someone said, "Without your help, I cannot receive this Ph.D. degree. So this is yours rather than mine."
Jeeyoung also said, "I'm really grateful to my parents, even though they cannot participate in this ceremony, and to my brother and sister-in-law. I'm thankful to my fiance with whom I'll make a new home in July. Thank you, Uncle and Cousin, who came from Seoul and are taking pictures of mine."

지영이와 삼촌, 영철이 졸업식 직후의 리셉션 지영이와 논문지도교수
축하 박지영 박사 졸업식장의 박사학위 취득자들 1분 스피치

It was meaningful for us to attend the commencement ceremony at San Jose.
It is because Jeeyoung's wedding is slated for July 21, in San Jose. On the previous day, the wedding rehearsal will take place on the part of Jeeyoung. It is necessary for us to check up the location of accommodation, and the church where the wedding ceremony will be held. We need to try the real dishes of the Italian restaurant for the wedding rehearsal dinner, and the Chinese restaurant on the wedding day.
Because of her mother's recovery from the recent surgical operation, Jeeyoung's parents were absent. But we were satisfied with the location and routes between the venues, and the dishes served at the restaurants.
Meanwhile, Jeeyoung will be busy in finalizing her internship at a hospital at Provo, Utah. As soon as she is back to San Jose, she has to prepare for the wedding. She will go on honeymoon at Hawaii and participate in family greetings at Taipei, and finally takes the Post Doc programme at Kaizer Medical Center, Mountain View near to San Jose.
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결혼식이 열릴 교회 결혼식 피로연이 열릴 밍즈 반점 피로연 음식을 시식하는 지영이와 앤드류