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Park's lecture on the ISDA legal issues IBT Forum covers a wide spectrum of legal issues from international business transactions and structured finance to the Internet law and even to the North Korean law, as listed below.
Prof. Whon-Il Park wants to share his knowledge and expertise with his students and visitors to this Web site.
Also Prof. Park requests you to visit KoreanLII site for further IBT information.

  What's New

The Author has an ambition to explain Korean law via the Internet and to introduce a new collateral regime.
In this regard, he is now operating KoreanLII and registered the PCT patent on providing value-added services based on the moveable assets management system using AIDC devices.
Also he has contributed a number of articles on the data protection in Korea to PLB Internetional Report.
A visiting scholar's diary at UCLA is available at this site in Korean.

  Recent Publications

On International Business Transactions  . . . more
- Normative Direction and Tasks for North-East Asian Development Cooperation, GTI Conference at YB Univ., China, October 2013.
- Study on the Roles of the Smart Grid Enhancing Infra-building Operators and Related Legislative Improvements, Korea Power Exchange, July 2012.
- How to Encourage and Upgrade Grass-roots Efforts to Create a Systemic Legal Information Institute from the Korean Experiences , Law via the Internet, Hong Kong, June 10, 2011.
- Legal Issues for the Promotion of Knowledge-based Service Industries in Korea [Abstract], March 2010.
On e-Commerce, Data Protection & Secured Transactions  . . . more
- South Korea's innovations in data privacy principles: Asian comparisons, Computer Law & Security Review 30, October 2014.
- Korea's major financial institutions suffer data breach, Privacy Laws & Business Intl Report No.127, February 2014.
- [Full Text] Personal Information Protection Act & Enforcement Decree, translated by Prof. Whon-il Park.
- E-Commerce and the Compliance Issue in respect of Data Protection, May 28, 2010.
- Global Privacy Protection - The First Generation, November 2008.
On Structured Financing  . . . more
- The Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information[The Gist and Full Text]
- Some Arguments regarding Credit Rating Agencies and Their Implications to Korea[Abstract], 2009.
- Securitization of Stranded Costs for the Efficient Restructuring of Electricity Industry[Abstract], 2006.
On the Unification and North Korean Law  . . . more
- How Can North Korea Improve the Collateral Regime for the Purpose of Economic Open Door Policy Compared with the Chinese or Vietnamese Model? [Abstract], December 2008.
- How Can We Assess the Past 10-Year Developments of Outward Looking Economy and FDI Legislation of North Korea? [Abstract], August 2008.
- Is the Inter-Korean Win-Win Cooperation in the IT Sector Possible? [Full Text], October 2007.
Essays  . . . more
- One Month with Prof. Graham Greenleaf in Seoul, October 2009.
- LA Diary of a Visiting Scholar to UCLA School of Law [still in Korean]: 44 remarkable episodes
- English haiku regarding "Must-See" Places in America, January 2008.
- Globalizing Korea's legal education, JoongAng Daily, January 22, 2008.
- What I did during the Privacy@40 Workshop in Bellagio, February 2006.


Whon-Il Park, Ph.D. Kyung Hee University; LL.M. Southern Methodist University School of Law, Texas; Diploma, International Course in European Integration, University of Amsterdam; B.A. College of Law, Seoul National University, was a professor of law at Kyung Hee University Law School.
He authored several books, including Legal Issues arising out of Trans-Border Data Flow (2015), Project Financing under the Private Sector Initiative (2004), Proposed Collateral Law in North Korea in a Unification Era (2004) and International Business Law I, II (1995-96).

Until June 2000, he had served as Chief Legal Officer of the Korea Development Bank (KDB). During 1988-1991, he was working at the KDB New York Representative Office.
He was a visiting scholar to UCLA School of Law in 2007.
Prof. Park retired from KHU Law School in August 2018. He may be reached via Daum blog since then.

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